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In 1984 Tony met Kathy Watson and Paul Koszyca, in Adelaide, South Australia, The band was named Mudmen. Resulting in prolific writing and a few gigs. Paul Koszyca left the band a year or so later, while Tony and Kathy kept writing and recording. 1991 Kathy and Tony worked on a country/western swing repertoire, as 'Saltbush and the Timewasters' untill 1994, recorded "Tony Nirta - Mudmen" for release in 1995. In 1997 the second release "Love Saltbush" The album "Path" , was recorded between '98 -'99 2000 for 3 years accompanying musician for the 'Tutti Ensemble' Choir in Brighton , South Australia. In 2007 Tony produced an instrumental cd, 'Residents' while living at Dunmoochin, in Cottles Bridge, Victoria. 2008 saw the completion of a second instrumental cd, 'Speechless', this time under the Mudmen name. The album "Mysterious" was recorded in Adelaide, South Australia between 1999 - 2000, 2009 was time for 'Mysterious' to come out. 2004 - 2006 was spent on a project with 'Sunyata/Salter/Nirta' a progressive Jazz influenced with heavy rock 2010 was time to release 'Silk Road' . Oct 1st. 2012 and the second Sunyata/Salter/Nirta cd is released, named 'May - June '94' recorded as a stereo mix, a very mellow jazz style recording. 2015 Mudmen released 'Loose Ends' ..... Currently Tony and Kate are writing the next album...  

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